About Me

Info about tools I use and experience I have.

About me:

I am Marko Popov, also known as Chempo. I am 20 years old. I started designing at the age of 12. I started with making signatures for forums and then through years I've expanded my knowledge. I've graduated from IT Highschool for graphic design and now I am attending IT college.

I am a Graphic, 3D, Web, VFX, UI/UX Designer, Photographer, Cameraman and a iOS developer. I am also learning Unity game engine. Freelancer on Elance. You can hire me there or Contact me on my website if you would like to work with me.

  • Graphic:
  • I can do lots of stuff. From icons and splash screens, for app development, to YouTube, Twitter etc. header and avatar design, logo design, UI elements, business cards ready for printing and similar stuff, you name it. Also Photoshop retouching, vector redrawing, simple animations and more.

  • 3D:
  • Mostly environment and texture artist. I spend a lot of time on setting up lights and rendering preferences for the most realistic results. I mostly use Blender and sometimes 3DS Max. I love to recreate nature in 3D space. Since I am a cameraman in real life I animate cameras with care. Check out the animation I made in Blender under Portfolio section.

  • Web:
  • I use HTML5 and CSS3 for web development. I love responsive and minimalistic websites with clean typography. Sometimes I use templates just to save time. This great template is made by HTMLUP.NET. Saved me time and my nerves :D. I also love to use Wordpress. I had some experience building websites with Wordpress and it is a great platform for developing.

  • VFX:
  • I love making cinematic short movies. I use Adobe AfterEffects for all VFX editing and Adobe Premiere Pro for storyboard editing. Check out some videos I made under Portfolio section. I also make music videos with cinematic look.

  • UI/UX:
  • When I am designing an app or a game or a website, second most important thing is how the user interacts with the product. I spend great amount of time just designing UI. I also test UX on my friends and family to see how they interact with it.

  • Photographer/Cameraman:
  • I use Canon 700D with 18-55mm lens for all my photos/videos. Photography is my hobby, but also my side job. I am official Photographer/Cameraman for Hip Hop Unity. Check out my Flickr account for photos I took of nature. I also shoot music videos and short movies as mentioned under VFX. Check out Portfolio section to see videos.

  • iOS Developer:
  • I started with app dev in November 2013. Since then I released 5 apps, from which 2 are games. Now I have a team of 2 friends. I am mostly Lead Designer and Additional Programmer, Luke is Lead Programmer and Domagoj is Music Producer and Additional Designer.

  • What's next?
  • I am in process of learning Unity game engine and C#. I hope in a near future I will also port my apps to Android market. I am attending IT college and hope I will expand my knowledge even further.

Want to hire me? You can do so from Contact page or hire me on Elance.

Tools I use:

  • Adobe Photoshop CS6; Premiere Pro CS6; AfterEffects CS6; Illustrator CS6
  • Blender and 3DS Max
  • Xara Designer Pro (Adobe Illustrator like software)
  • Xcode and Github
  • Unity Game engine
  • HTML5, CSS3 and Wordpress
  • Canon 700D with 18-55mm lens for photos and videos